Jetpack Joyride Tips and Guides

For a game like Jetpack Joyride you will have a myriad of cool tips and guides to follow, and a good advice is to start it all small. Learn more about what you can do at the stage you are at right now. Don’t look many levels ahead if you want to master Jetpack Joyride and collect an obscene amount of coins! Here are a few useful Jetpack Joyride tips that can give you a better experience of the game and also let you advance faster:

  • Make sure to save your coins! It is hard to save up for gold coins so you should at least be able to finish 2 missions before you buy something from the jetpack stash.
  • If you are going to buy something online, go for the Counterfeit Machine. This is a machine that will multiply your coin rate by 2 and it comes to a very reasonable price online.
  • A good flying technique with the jetpack can be to try to stick to the center of the screen. Aim at the painted line in the middle and use this to avoid zappers. In the beginning of the game this is less crucial, but once the pace speeds up the central flying technique can come in very handy!
  • If you feel stressed – turn the music off! Yes, the music and sound effects are amazingly cool, but for better concentration you can opt for switching them off, at least temporarily as you move through a new difficult stretch of the game.
  • Purchasing coins – OK, this is something that can be useful at times, but make sure to evaluate if you really need to buy the coins and don’t jump for the easiest solution in every situation.

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Enjoy! This is one of the coolest games for smartphones, and it might take a long time till the next pearl comes along. Meanwhile you should take it easy and enjoy this game. Don’t burn your energies and wits in one shot!

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